What if switching ERP Systems was easy?
Say Hello to Magnum
We set out to create an ERP system that was easy to implement, quick to learn and a pleasure to use.

Our clean interface and intuitive funtionality make it simple to take care of the dreary data processing, allowing you to concentrate on the things your company does best.

You do what you do, we will do the rest.
Magnum is not your father's ERP System
We have nothing against the ERP systems of yester-year. They did an admirable job of managing the companies that used them.

We get it! We loved our blackberries. There was nothing better...until there was. And now, good luck prying our iPhones and Pixels out of our hands!

Magnum was designed to offer a sleek, intuitive, easily implemented option to companies who are forward looking.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.
See it in action!
We could have created numberless webpages detailing the different modules and functionality of Magnum. But we figure, why not just let you check it out for yourself.

Click on the application images to give yourself a self-guided tour of each application.
Click on the images below to demo each of the applications (desktop/tablet/handheld)
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