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your ERP system?
Introducing Magnum. An ERP system that is easy to implement, quick to learn and a pleasure to use.

Get ready to LOVE your ERP!
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Say Hello to Magnum
Magnum is more than an ERP system.

It's a FERP! - Fun and Easy Resource Planning!

Imagine, if you will, a world where your team members actually enjoyed interacting with the ERP system.

Our clean interface and intuitive funtionality make it simple to take care of the dreary data processing, allowing you to concentrate on the things your company does best.

You do what you do, we will do the rest.
Magnum is not your father's ERP System
We have nothing against the ERP systems of yester-year. They did an admirable job of managing the companies that used them.

We understand, we loved our blackberries. There was nothing better...until there was. And now, good luck prying our iPhones and Pixels out of our hands!

Magnum was designed to offer a sleek, intuitive, easily implemented option to companies who are forward looking.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.
If you've been considering switching from your existing ERP system, or implementing a new ERP system, you know how difficult it can be.

First of all, figuring out which modules you need, and how many seats are necessary, and the monthly costs is mind boggling!

Secondly, you can't ever see what the system can do, or how it works, unless you fill out a form for more information. That is followed by a call from a salesperson who will ask invasive questions about your business and company.

And finally, after paying exorbitant costs for implementation and changing your procedures to match the procedures of the new ERP system, you are faced with training your employees on what is generally a complicated and convoluted system.

While we can't remove all of the difficulty of changing ERP systems, we can reduce the discomfort considerably in the following ways:
All the Modules - All the Time
With Magnum, you don't need to choose which modules you need or want.

All of the modules are live all of the time. Use them, or ignore them, it's entirely up to you.

Already have an accounting software? Keep on using it. Don't do projects? Leave Project Tracker alone.

If you ever decide to start using a module, simply turn on the access level in the settings and boom! You're in business.
Unlimited Seats and Users
It's a tale as old as time. You set up your ERP system with a certain number of users or seats, and then because of your hard work, your company starts to progress and grow.

Now you have two options, add more seats, or take turns using the software. We've been there, calling across the room to ask someone to sign out so we could sign in.

Not a problem with Magnum - since we bill by bandwidth, we don't put any limits on how many people can use the system concurrently.
Try Before you Buy
In your search for a new ERP system you come across one that looks promising.

But you find out that you can't investigate the software fully until you let them know you are interested, and they set up a presentation.

Not here! Take a look around in our demo iteration. And if you like what you see, you can sign up for a fully functional trial version, free for 60days.
Learn on the Job
Sitting through training for ERP systems is about as fun as a root canal on your birthday.

And most ERP training manuals are thicker than "Lord of the Rings", and much less engaging!

Like the iPhone, Magnum doesn't come with a manual. Each page has training material attached, but chances are you won't use it.

Our intuitive design and user interface makes getting started quick and painless.
Intuitive Design and Clean Interface
Our programmers spent countless hours reworking the user interface to keep it clean and clear of distractions.

Each page holds a plethora of information, but we've managed to keep them clean by using hover functionality to reveal additional information.

All of this contributes to keeping the pages clean and intuitive.

Our goal is to promote easy adoption of the software by minimizing the pain points for your users.
Pricing that Makes Sense
We love our customers and want to provide them with awesome software at a reasonable price.

Our billing model is similar to that of AWS, we invoice our customers based on how much they use the system each month.

If things are going well and use is increased, your monthly invoice will be larger.

If you have a slow month, or perhaps are shut-down for holidays, the invoice will be lower.
Once Upon a Time...
Many years ago, a world class automotive manufacturing company, realized they needed an ERP system.

They did a lot of research into the ERP market and finally made the decision to purchase and implement a solution.

After four months of pain and frustration, they realized that the solution they had chosen was much too difficult for their employees to use, and they made the brave decision to develop a completely new solution.

And so, Magnum was born and continues to support their 200 users in three countries, four currencies and two languages!

Soon other companies that were seeking a solution that was easy to implement, quick to learn and a pleasure to use discovered Magnum, and just like that, we were on our way.
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